Portable electronic devices have come to play a pivotal role in people’s lives. Laptops in particular can be central to work and school projects. You can save your work in the cloud, back up your hard drive, but your laptop will likely still carry information that is critical to you.

Basic Laptop Registration (Free). If your laptop should get stolen and it is registered with the Georgetown University Police Department, the campus police will be able to return it to you if it is recovered.

It is even better if your laptop has been registered with the national database using STOP Theft so that if it turns up at another police department anywhere in the country, GUPD can get it back to you.

STOP Theft service comes with a permanently affixed label and means that your laptop and contact information are added to a national registry. The label itself acts as a deterrent.

For Basic Laptop Registration you can enroll online and an email confirmation will be sent to you. You can also bring your laptop in so that we can assign your tracking number in person.