Field Stop Demographics

In an effort to track the demographic information on who GUPD officers stop we will be collecting some information about the person stopped. Any information provided by the person who has been stopped will be voluntary.  Examples of this information will include the date and time, reason for the stop, the location of the stop, race, gender, campus affiliation, NetID and last name of the person stopped. GUPD officers will provide an information pamphlet to each person stopped.

An individual may be stopped, questioned and identified in two ways:

Citizen request for service – A citizen contacts GUPD either by phone or by flagging down an officer and requests them to investigate a situation of concern involving a person. Either a citizen points out the person or the citizen provides a physical description to the officer.

Officer initiated – An officer while on duty identifies circumstances that result in stopping an individual to conduct a further investigation of the situation. The legal standard for initiating a stop is a minimum of reasonable suspicion.

The Georgetown University Office of Assessment and Decision Support (OADS) will work with GUPD to develop a regular, standardized report that will show trends and variation in officer initiated stops over the preceding period. A public report will be produced twice a year as to have enough cases to show aggregate trends and to not identify a specific individual. The report would show statistics by at least: 1) reason for stop, 2) GU affiliation, 3) race, 4) gender.

OADS Report on GUPD Fall Semester 2021 Field Stop Demographics

OADS Report on GUPD Spring Semester 2022 Field Stop Demographics