Public Safety Alerts

The Georgetown University Police Department notifies the campus community through Public Safety Alerts (PSAs) when crimes are reported to GUPD or the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) which the University believes represent a threat to its students or employees, in a manner consistent with the Campus Security Act. The University uses its best efforts to provide information that is both accurate and helpful, but community members should recognize that the University is able to relay information only as it is reported to GUPD and/or MPD. PSAs are distributed via broadcast email to students, faculty, and staff, in addition to being published here.

Alerts are issued via email when incidents reported to GUPD constitute a felony or serious misdemeanor, involve a hate/bias element, or involve a serious physical injury and may pose an ongoing threat to members of the university community.

The determination of whether an incident poses an ongoing threat is made by experienced law enforcement professionals, based on the information available about the nature of the incident, including whether or not a perpetrator has been identified, arrested or remains at large.

The decision to issue a PSA is made by law enforcement professionals in consultation with university officials, including representatives from the Office of Student Affairs and IDEAA, who are experienced in responding to the needs of community members who may be victims of serious incidents, sexual assault, hate or bias.

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Last Updated December 10, 2020

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