Crime Prevention

The Georgetown University Police Department manages a number of crime prevention programs designed to help reduce the occurrence of crime on campus and in the neighborhoods around the University.

Safety Presentations

Officials from the Georgetown University Police Department are available to make presentations to faculty, staff and student groups about efforts they can take to protect themselves and their offices and residences from crime. Contact Lieutenant Bunker or 202-687-4343 to schedule a session.

Security Audits

Faculty, staff and students that have experienced difficulties with theft or crime in their campus offices or residential units or those interested in becoming more aware of ways to prevent crime may request personnel from the Georgetown University Police Department to conduct a security audit and analysis. This service may provide suggestions and recommendations for deterring crime in these areas.

Community Liaison Officers

The Community Liaison Officer Program was created in 2008 as a way to further advance relationships between GUPD and the rest of the community. Each Officer is assigned a particular residence hall or area of campus, and works closely with the residents or employees in that area. The CLOs participate in meetings, crime prevention programs, and serve as a point of contact and representative for the Georgetown University Police Department.