Policy Prohibiting Firearms, Weapons and Explosives

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What Weapons are prohibited:

  • Firearm – a firearm is defined as any device which is designated to fire a bullet, pellet, shot, flare, spear or other projectile. This includes, but is not limited to, handguns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, and cannons made of any material, including those made with 3D printers and similar technology, whether loaded or unloaded, as well as the ammunition for these devices.
  • Weapons – a weapon is any device that is designed to or traditionally used as an instrument to inflict or threaten bodily harm or to damage or destroy University property or the property of others. Weapons include, but are not limited to, knives that have blades that are longer than 3 inches, firearms, bows and arrows, and common objects and materials modified for use as a weapon or any other object legally controlled as a weapon.
  • Explosives – any chemical compound or mechanical mixture that contains oxidizing and combustible units, or other ingredients, in such proportion, quantities, or packing that an ignition by fire, friction, concussion, percussion or detonator, or any part of the compound or mixture, may cause a sudden generation of highly heated gases that results in gaseous pressure capable of producing destructive forces on contiguous objects or of destroying life or limb. This definition includes, but is not limited to, fireworks, toy cannons or toy guns in which explosive material are used or other devices containing any combustible or explosive substance used to propel another object.
  • Imitations, Replicas and Antiques – any items that could be reasonably mistaken for a Firearm, Weapon, or Explosive, such as imitations, replicas, or antiques, regardless of whether they were designed to fire a bullet, shot, or other projectile. The definition includes devices which are designed to fire a projectile and powered by a propellant, including CO2 (as in paint ball weapons). “Firearm” means any weapon, regardless of operability, which will, or is designed or redesigned, made or remade, readily converted, restored, or repaired, or is intended to, expel a projectile or projectiles by the action of an explosive. 

Where are Firearms, Explosives, Weapons, Imitations, Replicas and Antiques prohibited:
Except as expressly authorized within this policy the use, possession, or storage of any Firearm, Explosive, Weapon, Imitation, Replica or Antique, is expressly prohibited (i) on all Georgetown University campuses, grounds, facilities, University leased or controlled property, (ii) at University sponsored events, or (iii) in any vehicle owned, leased or controlled by the University. 

Who does this apply to:

  • All faculty, staff, students, visitors, guests, volunteers and contractors

Why are signs posted around the University:

  • Georgetown University has prohibited weapons for many years. The publication of the Policy clarifies and consolidates information regarding the prohibition of weapons, firearms, and explosives and highlights the prohibition to carry a concealed firearm on Georgetown University property even if the owner has a concealed carry permit. Please refer to the policy and the accompanying information on this website for additional details.

Where do I go with questions about this policy or whether an object is permitted:

What does D.C. law say:


§ 7–2509.07. Prohibitions on carrying licensed pistols.

No person holding a license shall carry a pistol in the following locations or under the following circumstances and grounds, including any adjacent parking lot, of a childcare facility, preschool, public or private elementary or secondary school; or a public or private college or university.