Event Security Requests

Parameters for Security Request

Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) assesses security on campus to ensure a safe living and learning environment and to mitigate threats to the University community.

To request a security detail for your next event, please complete and submit an Event Security Request form

GUPD Presence

Special events are assessed by GUPD to ensure that proper security is in place.

Events that typically require a GUPD presence are:

  • Events in large venues, such as Gaston Hall and Lohrfink Auditorium
  • Events with controversial speakers or topics
  • Events in which alcohol is served, there is amplified sound, or cash intake

There may also need to be a speech and expression representative present. For more information on our speech and expression policy please visit the Division of Student Affairs website.  

Please note that there may be other contributing factors which GUPD may deem it is necessary to have GUPD staff personnel at your event. 


The Georgetown University Police Department is not funded to provide security at special events. It is the event sponsor’s responsibility to provide funding.

The current hourly rate for Event Security Services is $65.65 per hour, per officer. Events requiring security that take place on recognized University Holidays will be subject to an hourly rate of $98.50 per hour, per officer. GUPD reserves the right to determine staffing levels for all events. In general, GUPD will staff one officer per 75 event participants, however, this ratio may change depending on the type of event in order to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone involved. *Note that there is a four (4) hour minimum per officer for any scheduled event.

Administrative fee: Event security requests must be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the event date. Requests submitted less than seven (7) business days prior to the event date will be charged a $500 Administrative Fee. Submitting requests with less than seven (7) days notice places GUPD and its officers in a position that creates an undue burden on officers and staff in getting your event staffed properly. We encourage you to create your Event Security Request as soon as you plan your event. You can always cancel your event up to 48 hours prior to your event with no penalty.

Cancellation Policy

For scheduled events that are canceled by the sponsor with less than 48 hours notice, every effort will be made to ensure full cancellation without charge. However, as our department is subject to contractual obligations, if such cancellation cannot fully be completed on our end, the sponsor understands and agrees (by virtue of completing event security request form) that they may still be subject to a full or partial charge for the event.


If you’ve recently requested security services from GUPD, tell us about your experience. Please take a brief survey and let us know how we did by completing the feedback form.