Student Safety Advisory Board


Meeting since 2012 , the purpose of the Student Safety Advisory Board (SSAB) is to provide a forum for student collaboration and feedback with the Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) regarding fair, equitable, and effective police practices. The Advisory Board works collaboratively with GUPD to identify problems, develop and recommend solutions to GUPD and serve as a resource regarding community safety issues. The SSAB will be a key communications liaison by expressing community concerns to GUPD and sharing relevant information with community members from GUPD.

SSAB Goals

  • To facilitate the Georgetown University Police Department working in a collaborative manner with representatives from GUSA, GradGov, Student Advocacy Office, Interhall Council and other Georgetown Student Organizations and students to identify possible solutions to safety and security concerns that impact the campus community.  
  • To ensure reasonable identified solutions for safety and security concerns are implemented in a timely manner.  
  • To provide a forum through which representatives from Georgetown Student Organizations and students can bring safety and security concerns to seek resolution.  
  • To improve channels of communication between the Georgetown University Police Department and Georgetown Student Organizations and students. 


  • Create a workable model in problem-solving around community crime, quality-of-life, and student centric public safety issues.
  • Further strengthen community policing and to insure community safety needs are met.
  • Serve as a positive advisory group and liaison to the community.


The SSAB normally meets bi-weekly on Tuesday afternoons, at 5 pm, during the academic semester.

Spring 2024 Meeting Dates: January 16 (in-person), January 30 (virtual), February 13 (in-person), February 27 (virtual), March 12 (in-person), March 26 (virtual), April 9 (in-person) and April 30 (virtual)

In person meetings will be at GUPD in 116 Village C West

SSAB Meeting Notes

SSAB Discussion Topic Request Portal

To join the SSAB, send an email to