Saferides and Shuttles

Saferides Van
status: operating

The SafeRides program aims to provide a safe alternative to walking alone at night for Georgetown University staff, students and faculty.

  • Saferides service begins every evening at 8PM. The service is available until 2AM Sunday through Wednesday, and until 3AM Thursday through Saturday.
  • Generally, police officers will not be driving the SafeRides vehicles. So, if you are in danger call the Georgetown University Police Department directly for emergency assistance and an immediate officer response (202-687-4343).
  • The location of the Saferide vans and shuttles can be viewed using the NextGUTS feature of the Georgetown Mobile App or by clicking here to view NextGUTS shuttles currently in service.
  • If you have mobility limitations due to a temporary injury these transportation services may or may not be effective for you.

Call 202-784-RIDE to request a ride or to check on the operating status of SafeRides and Neighborhood Shuttles.

Vans will not stop for those who attempt to flag the van. You must call to request a pickup.


SafeRides provides transportation to and from campus and adjacent neighborhoods within defined boundaries. The boundaries for SafeRides service can be viewed on the map below.

View SafeRides Boundaries in a larger map


When SafeRides is not in service, you may call 202-784-RIDE to request an individual escort from GUPD.  The method of escort (walking, patrol car, SafeRides van) will be determined by GUPD, based on the resources available at the time of your call. We encourage you to request an individual escort outside of SafeRides operating hours if you anticipate feeling unsafe walking.  However, if your personal safety is at risk or you are facing an imminent threat, call the Georgetown University Police at 202-687-4343 or 7-4343 from a university landline.

(During inclement weather, vehicles may not be in operation and only walking escorts may be available.  Because inclement weather may also lead to reduced staff, escorts may be considerably delayed or unavailable.  Call 202-784-RIDE to check the availability of individual escorts.)

The boundaries for these escort services are the same as the boundaries for SafeRides.


Four shuttles operate during the academic year to and from campus in continuous loops. Details can be seen on the maps below.

Hours of service are from 10pm-3am Thursday through Saturday.

Burleith Loop Shuttle

View Burleith Loop in a larger map

 West Georgetown Shuttle

View West Georgetown Loop in a larger map

M Street Loop Shuttle

View M Street Loop in a larger map

SafeRides FAQ

Question Answer
How can I see where the SafeRide van is located? Download the Georgetown Mobile App and use the NextGUTS function.
Can I wave down a SafeRide van for a ride? No. You must have called in for a pick-up at a specific location.
It’s 6:00 pm and I cannot see the SafeRide van on the NextGUTS app. Why? Only active routes show up on NextGuts. The SafeRide van only operates from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am Sun-Wed and until 3:00 am Thur-Sat.
How will the SafeRide and NextGUTS App help me? You can wait at an indoor location, as long as you have data connection, until the SafeRide van is very close and then you can go outside and wave it down.
How long will the SafeRide van wait for me? The van will wait for a minute or so. If they are not contacted by you then they will continue on to their next pick-up location.
I see two SafeRide vans on the app, how do I know which one is mine? Look for the van that is getting closer to your location.