Campus Security Authorities

This Report Form is to be used by Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) to report crimes consistent with the Clery Act. CSAs filing out reports will receive an email providing the Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) CSA Crime Report case number associated with their reported incident.  Note: If the CSA can verify that University Police responded and took a police report, then it is not necessary for the CSA to complete and submit this form.

All other individuals who wish to report crimes should contact GUPD directly to file a Police Report.

In an emergency, always call Georgetown University Police Department directly at (202) 687-4343 if you are on campus, or 911 if you are off campus. 

What are Campus Security Authorities (CSA) and what are their responsibilities?

Campus Security Authorities (CSA) are federally mandated crime reporters. CSAs include: 1) any individual who has the responsibility for campus security or monitors entrances to university property; 2) any individual specified by the university to receive reports of offenses; and 3) any officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities.

CSAs include, but are not limited to: University Police, Title IX Coordinators, RAs, Student Guards, Deans, Student Affairs Directors, Athletics Director and Coaches, Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).  A full list of CSAs can be found on the Georgetown University Police Department website and in Georgetown’s Annual Security Report.

CSAs shall report, in a timely manner, any crimes that they are made aware of to GUPD.  GUPD will use the information that CSAs submit to classify the crimes properly. It is therefore imperative that CSAs document the crime being reported with sufficient detail. CSAs have no responsibility to investigate crimes and should not do so.


Please fill out all fields in the below form.  To send the completed report form electronically, please click on the submit button at bottom of this form. You may also print this form and either fax (202-687-8160) or campus mail to the Georgetown University Police Department, Village C West, Attention Clery Act Review Team, who will review and take appropriate action on all CSA reports submitted to them.

CSA Report Form

Student Affairs

  • Vice President for Student Affairs 687-4056
  • Associate VP of Student Affairs 687-4056
  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs 687-4056
  • Executive Director of the Career Center 687-6288
  • Director of Student Conduct 687-4553
  • Director of Orientation and Leadership 687-3704
  • Director of Student Organizations 687-3704
  • Director of Counseling & Psychiatric Services 687-6985 (Except when functioning as a Professional Counselor)
  • Director of the Women’s Center 687-6359
  • Director of Student Debates 687-4079
  • Director of Health Education 687-8942
  • Director of Center for Minority Educational Affairs (CMEA) 687-4054
  • Director of Learning Services 687-6985
  • Director of Residence Life 687-4056
  • Assoc. Director of Residence Life 687-4056
  • Asst. Director of Residence Life 687-4056
  • Coordinator of Sexual Assault Services 687-0323
  • Coordinator of Disabled Student Svcs 687-8354
  • Programming Coordinator, Center for Student Programs 687-3704
  • All Area Coordinators 687-4056
  • All Hall Directors 687-4056

Department of Public Safety

  • Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety 687-4343
  • Deputy Chief/Associate Director of Public Safety 687-4343
  • Patrol Captain 687-4343
  • Assistant Directors of Public Safety 687-4343
  • Student Guard Coordinator 687-4343
  • All Sworn Police Officers 687-4343
  • Security Officers 687-4343
  • Student Guards 687-4343

Athletic Department

  • Athletic Director 687-2435
  • Sr. Assoc Athletic Director 687-2435
  • Associate Athletic Director 687-2435
  • All Head Coaches–Athletic Teams 687-2435
  • All Assistant Coaches–Athletic Teams 687-2435

Department of Performing Arts

  • Managing Director, Dept of Performing Arts, Davis Center 687-4202

Georgetown University Hospital Security

  • Director of Security/Parking 444-4729
  • Manager of Parking 444-3802
  • Lieutenant Office 444-3804
  • Protective Services Department – All Sworn Officers 444-3800
  • Residence Fellows 662-9298

Georgetown University Conference Center

  • Director of Security 687-3275
  • General Manager 687-3200
  • All Sworn Officers 687-3275
  • Director of Food and Beverage 687-3200

Georgetown University Law Center

  • Director of Public Safety 662-9325
  • All Sworn Officers 662-9325
  • Student Guards 662-9325
  • Garage Attendants 662-9331
  • Director of Student Affairs/Res Life 662-9292
  • Asst. Director of Residence Life 662-9298
  • Assistant Deans/J.D. Programs 662-9039
  • Associate Dean/J.D. Programs 662-9035
  • Registrar/Office of Registrar 662-9220
  • Residential Maintenance Personnel 662-9330

Office of International Programs / Overseas Properties

  • Coordinator of Villa–Florence, Italy 687-5867
  • Coordinator of Villa–Alanya, Turkey 687-5867
  • Senior Administrator- Qatar 687-4545

Office of Transportation Management

  • Director of Transportation Mgmt 687-4372
  • All Booth and Lot Attendants 687-4372

Office of Facilities Management

  • Summer and Conference Housing 687-4560
  • Residential Maintenance Personnel 687-5675