Required Paperwork

The following forms are required to be filled out when hired at Georgetown. You are free to save a copy of them for now, but they should not be filled out until you have been offered and accepted a position with the Student Guard Program. The I-9 and D-4 (or other state tax form) should be completed and turned in to Georgetown Human Resources in Healy Hall.

If you have any questions about this process, please e-mail us at

Hoya Hiring Form

We automatically generate this form out for you based on the information you provided on the on-line application.

Federal Form I-9

Download Form I-9

Please read the instructions at the beginning of the I-9 form before starting. This form should be turned in to Georgetown Human Resources no later than three days of your first date of employment. You will also need to have the original copies of the necessary I-9 documents, listed on Page 9 of the I-9, with you when you go to Human Resources.

Further information about completing the I-9, including HR’s I-9 processing times, can be found here.

DC Form D-4

Download Form D-4

Use your DC address (campus or nearby off-campus housing). If you prefer to use a non DC address for your state tax withholding form, Human Resources will be able to provide the correct form for you.

Federal Form W-4

The Federal W-4 form must now be completed at the GMS website once your hire has been completely processed.

You are required to complete the entire form. Use your DC address.

Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit must now be completed via the GMS website once your hire has been processed.

We require student employees to participate in direct deposit. Direct deposit ensures that your payments, should you be hired, go straight to your bank account; this method avoids the inconveniences of paper checks by minimizing the potential for human error and getting you paid a day earlier in most cases. Electronic pay stubs may also be viewed on GMS.