Sex Offense in Glover Archbold Park

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Incident Summary: The United States Park Police (USPP) is currently investigating a sexual assault that occurred on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, at approximately 8:00 p.m., in the area of Foxhall Road and Canal Road, NW. According to USPP, the suspect assaulted the victim in Glover-Archbold Park and then fled in an unknown direction.

The Department of Public Safety is requesting that anyone who has information regarding this or any other incident(s), or who noticed any suspects before or after the incident, to contact the US Park Police at (202) 610-8737. They may also contact DPS at (202) 687-4343 (202) 687-4343.

Date:  4/1/2014

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: Off Campus

Address:  Foxhall Road and Canal Road, NW

Incident type: Sex Offense

Respondents: United States Park Police

Victim(s): The victims were not injured in this incident.

Victim(s) status:

Witness description of suspect(s)

Safety Reminder

The Department of Public Safety would like to remind all students to practice the following security measures:

1. On campus students should call DPS at 202.687.4343 202.687.4343 regarding any safety concerns.

2. Off campus students with immediate safety concerns should call MPD at 911 and DPS at 202.687.HELP.

3. Practice security at home by not propping doors open, always keeping doors and windows locked, even when you are in residence, and not opening the door to strangers.

4. Students noticing suspicious activities or individuals loitering around entrances to residence halls, apartments, or townhouses should immediately notify DPS at 202.687.4343 202.687.4343.

5. Students may utilize the services of THE SHUTTLE or DPS SAFERIDES escorts as a means of providing safe passage off-campus. Call 202.784.RIDE for DPS SAFERIDES escorts.

6. Always remember to close and lock your office door, even when gone when only for a few minutes, and keep personal belongings out of plain sight.

Georgetown University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) notifies the campus community when crimes are reported to DPS or the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) which the University believes represent a threat to its students or employees, in a manner consistent with the Campus Security Act. The University uses its best efforts to provide information that is both accurate and helpful, but community members should recognize that the University is able to relay information only as it is reported to DPS and/or MPD.

This message has been authorized and sent by the Department of Public Safety.