Emergensee Mobile Safety App

EmergenSee is a mobile application that provides an extra level of safety for users who may encounter dangers as they are travelling alone at night or if they are witness to a crime or dangerous situation.

EmergenSee allows the user to connect directly to the Department of Public Safety by activating the app on their Apple or Android based phone. Once the app is activated live video and audio is sent from your phone, along with location information to our Department of Public Safety Communication Center.

If the situation permits, users can even live chat on their smartphones with GUPD Communication Officers via text.

Emergensee’s geo fence technology keeps all users safer within a designated perimeter that includes the surrounding neighborhoods of Burleith, Foxhall, and West Georgetown. The geo fence serves as a blue light protection, since one tap of the EmergenSee app immediately alerts Georgetown University Police.

Here are the essential steps to get EmergenSee on your mobile device:

  1. Download the EmergenSee app from the appropriate App Store using one of the links below



  2. Tap on “Create Account,” accept the Terms of Use, create your profile using your Georgetown email address, and a password of your choosing.
  3. On the “Add Organization” screen, tap “Add my University,” and search for Georgetown. Click Add and tap OK if prompted.
  4. (Optional) If you would like anyone else notified in the event of an emergency, you may add their contact information here. To skip this step, tap “Cancel.” Otherwise, when you are ready to proceed, tap “Done.”
  5. If prompted, please allow EmergenSee to use your location. In the event of an emergency, this will help GUPD officers find your location quickly and accurately.
  6. From the EmergenSee home screen, tap “Settings” and then “Incident Options.” By default, EmergenSee will place a call to GUPD immediately upon launch. To reduce the risk of a false call, you may choose to turn off “Auto-Start Incident” from this screen.